Why Choose Europe For Outdoor Adventures

Why Choose Europe For Outdoor Adventures?

A trip to Europe presents a twofer to backpackers: They get close to nature and witness the Old World charm. The gorgeous continent gives you the freedom to indulge in various kinds of breathtaking outdoor adventures in Europe, including cycling in the Swiss Alps. Apart from that, icy peaks and ocean-side trails are some things that make the region one of the world’s hottest adventure destinations. That is why this place is on the top of many backpackers bucket list. This Continent has a lot to offer to its visitors apart from cities and buildings. Wherever you go in Europe, you will surely find an outdoor adventure for you. The bulk of adventures Europe offers to its visitors are:


The best way to explore Scotland highlands is canoeing through the river. This approach is the best to experience outdoor adventure and explore the city at the same time. Scotland is well-known for its canoe tripping. The breathtaking scenery paddling from Orchy to the foothills provides a lifetime experience to the backpackers making it increasingly popular for outdoor activities.

Sea kayaking

The Lofoten islands on the northwest of Norway is considered as one of the best spots for sea kayaking in the world. The island is surrounded by plenty of water and gives a perfect experience for exploring kayak. Apart from the arctic location, Lofoten island offers various ways to get outdoor adventures and nothing is cooler than kayaking in the sea. Kayaking is the best way to explore the wilder coastline from closer.


The Tour Du Mount Blanc deserves to be crowned as the best hiking spot in the world. Following the path over the valleys and peaks of Alps through the mind-boggling landscapes and scenery of Europe, tour du mount blanc is one of the best and most popular long-distance hikes in the world. Besides being the most challenging hikes, it provides the backpackers the most picturesque views of the continent.


Tarifa in Spain is known as the kitesurfing capital of Europe. You can visit Tarifa for kitesurfing year round. However, the ideal time to visit this place is in between the late spring and early autumn. There are numerous spots that offer different experience while kitesurfing depending on wind directions.


Europe is bountiful of exciting outdoor adventures. For cycling amateurs and enthusiast, Europe offers one of the best biking experiences in the world. Europe is fully packed with beautiful options for a person who is a fan of paddle sightseeing. Depending on your fitness levels and skills, Europe has some best biking tours for everyone.

Glacier trekking

One of the largest and best ice caps for glacier trekking in Norway. They are so huge and magnificent that you might feel too tiny on the landscape. It is an experience that can not be expressed in words. People all around the globe visit Norway to experience one of the best outdoor adventures in the world.

Sea Diving

Europe is not only for exploring the cities and iconic buildings but to have a lifetime of experience of outdoor adventurous activities. You can explore the depths of the Mediterranean sea in Malta’s Gozo island clear waters.


There are bountiful of beautiful rocks to climb in Europe. It is a continent of worlds largest and historic climbs. Among all the others, Catalonia is Europe’s most premier climbing places. It is one of the regions of the most beautiful, varied, and tough climb spot.


Europe is a house of the world’s most popular and unique outdoor adventure adventure places. If you are looking for a camping vacation spot then a vacation experiencing hiking and camping in Switzerland is irreplaceable.

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