rectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction and How to Diagonize It?

Erectile dysfunction is a common erection disease in men. This can affect the functionality of having aroused an erection in men. Usually, people above age 40 have erectile dysfunction. However, it can also occur in teen and young men.
Erectile dysfunction can be the result of the psychological or physical problem. Physical causes of ED are more common in men of older age than young.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction are:

•    Heart disease
•  Diabetes
•    High cholesterol
•    Liver disease
•    Kidney disease
•    Hardening of vessels
•    Congenital genitalia problem

As you know erectile dysfunction can also due to the chemical and nerve problems in mind. Emotional issues that a man of any age faces, can distract him from becoming aroused.

Erection Problem in young’s
Men who are less than age 30 may also experience erection problems. According to the survey, more young men are getting a victim of ED than the previous report. Approximately 26 percent of men above 17 experience erection problem.

Some researchers assume that impotence in men can be due to their lifestyle, environment, and physiological problems.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
The severity of erectile dysfunction is divided into three categories.

1.    Mild
2.    Moderate
3.    Complete

Lifestyle Changes
Erection problems can also occur due to the difficulties in daily activities. You can do some changes in your life; these changes can directly affect sexual activity.

•    Get plenty of rest
•    Eat a healthy diet
•    Exercise regularly
•    Stop use of tobacco
•    Drink less alcohol
•    Talk with your partners about sexual issues

There are many medications that you can use to treat erectile dysfunction. One of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction is the hardening of arteries in the reproductive area. You can use Viagra, which is the brand name of medicine Sildenafil. Millions of men have used it. You can also buy Sildenafil online to treat the erectile dysfunction and to increase the erection. You will not need the prescription of the doctor to buy it.

There are many advantages of Viagra on other ED treatments.

The effects of Viagra can last up for up to four hours. It is important to know that this drug can’t work on its own. It will need a source of sexual stimulation.

The timing needed to activate the functionality of Viagra is about 30 minutes. If you take this medicine after a large meal, it may take a few more minutes to develop its effects.

Minimal Side effects
Approximately all drugs have side effects; it also depends on the cause of intake. Viagra is revealed as a safe drug and only have mild to moderate side effects. Less than one percent of Viagra users have serious side effects.

Permanent Effects of Viagra
As above mentioned, Viagra has an active time. After the effective time which is 3 to 4 hours, this drug becomes less effective.
Some external factors such as age, diet also affects the active time. After the specific time which is three to four hours, the amount of Viagra in bloodstream starts to reduce.

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