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Some Unique Ideas For Grouping or Hanging Pictures

Just as listening to favorite music stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain and further promotes positive emotions, so observing and appreciating a piece of art also makes you feel happy. Hence, it is important to keep pictures at the right places in your home or office where you can have a direct vision of them always.

This has confirmed by science and reputed scientists like Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist in the University College of London that when you observe a great painting like landscape art prints, a specific part of your brain responses just like when you fall in love. In order to maintain this good feeling all the time in your home or office, hang your favorite paintings at suitable places.

For your convenience, some unique ideas of grouping or hanging pictures at your living place or office are given as under:

Selection of mat color
Select the colors of a mat that complement photos. As they do not overpower a picture, use different matching shades of the same color. For example, take six different shades of yellow that help to stand out each photo unique in a unifying group. The mat color should also blend with the interior of your room.

Make an arrangement of order and balance
Take a measurement of the wall where pictures need to hang. Then, lay out the pictures on a floor and arrange their order as per your liking. Their alignment should be suitable from all sides equally. This way you can arrange or rearrange them as many times as you want. This way, you can avoid the trouble of making nail holes frequently in a wall.

Choose display wisely
Display photos in rows keeping in mind the focal point of floor-to-ceiling. Try to frame pictures in the same fashion, so they do not give a cluttered look. You can also put small photos such as wall art of birds in the same frame.

Replicate the arrangement by attaching papers on a wall
When you feel sure and like the arrangement made on the floor, measure and cut papers to the size of frames. Replicate the arrangement by attaching papers on a wall with tape. This way, you can stay assured for your arrangement before starting nailing work on the wall. Write the name of the picture on each related paper with a specific location.

Securing picture to the wall
Remove papers and replace them with real framed photos with suitable hardware. If you have marked locations on papers, you can also nail through it right into the wall. The used objects should be capable enough to bear the weight of pictures properly. Level all the pictures and enjoy the arrangement.

Decorating a house or office wall is an art that makes your interior look beautiful and appealing. And grouping pictures in an effective way is a great way for doing this. Though framing art prints of birds or arranging wall art of people, the above-mentioned ideas can make the whole process easy and simple for you.

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