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Popular Horse Breeds Suitable for Racing

Horse races cannot be conducted with any horse. Certain breeds are suitable for racing purposes. There are even some stipulations regarding the selection of horses for races. In a typical case, the horse which is to be used in the race has a father also known as a sire, and a mother called dam. Both the sire and the dam require studbook approval with regard to the horse breed that is part of the race.
The popular breeds of horses used for different types of races
The general breeds of horses that have been used for racing purposes from ancient times are discussed below:

Thoroughbred group of horses:
These horses can be quite tall, and their height ranges from 60 inches to 68 inches. The measurement of height is usually done by a metric form which is known as hands where one hand equals to four inches. These horses are suitable for covering average distance. The pace is quite fast, but there is the need to balance pace and endurance for getting a better performance from the horse. The color of Thoroughbreds can be black, brown, light bay, chestnut, white and even palomino.
Therefore, these horses range widely in terms of color. There are some restrictions for breeding Thoroughbred horses for example practices like non-natural insemination, transfer of embryo and cloning are prohibited in the reproduction of Thoroughbred horses. TVG Pegasus is about races that involve different breeds of horses.

Quarter breed of Horses:
The hind limbs of these horses are quite large, so it is not suitable to race this kind of horses in an endurance race. The presence of muscle fibers of the type II-b category in a greater quantity allows this type of horses to sprint at a rapid pace. For ensuring that the quarter horses get the scope to propel at high speed on the track, the tracks were made straight, and the distance was kept 400 meters. Therefore in the race, the horses are allowed to run in a flat out manner. As turns are not there on the track, so less jockeying is required.

Arabian category of horses:
This breed is known for its stamina and can suitably run for long distances. These horses can outrun other horses quite easily because of their fast pace. As these horses can withstand the strain of long journeys at a steady pace, these are quite suitable for racing. It has been discovered that Arabian horse breed has a higher quantity of muscle fibers belonging to the type I category which is the main reason behind their ability to move for long duration. The use of Arabian horses is quite popular in the field of endurance racing, but some countries also arrange traditional horse racing on normal tracks with Arabian bred horses.

Therefore, gaining knowledge about the different breeds of horses that are allowed for racing will help horse breeders to breed specific breeds of horses that can be suitable for a particular type of race. You can enjoy the race better once you know about the breed.

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