5 Most Popular Beaches of India

Summer is the season to move out of the house to a place warm yet so enchanting to keep your smile on. What can be better than a place that can make you wet in such scorching sun.

Yes, I am talking about beaches, the place where you can enjoy parties, some soothing relaxation, some fine massage, adventurous sports and some very enchanting crowd. But then again India is such a large country and there is a long list of beaches there and we know very few of them and not the best beaches to visit in this summer. Don’t worry till we are by your side.

Here you will get to know the top 5 beaches to visit this summer. You must visit beaches in summer to experience the fun they offer. Down below are the best 5 beaches to visit in summer in India so scroll down and choose your destination.

Kovalam Beach, Kerela: –

When you come to know the details of this beach, I am not sure if you will find it as good but for me, it is one of the finest beaches in India to relax. Kerela which is also known as the God’s own City completely stands on the divine title it has been provided.

When it comes to the beach, this beach is not for those who can call themselves party animals. You guys will not get much fun here at this beach but yes, I can bet there is no better family beach in India than Kovalam.

It is calm and soothing and is also regarded as a great place to go for a solo trip for giving some relaxation to your mind. You cannot enjoy a night party there, but you will surely love the walk on the sand during the sunset. You can also enjoy surfing and other water sports there. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using Akbar Travels offers.

Pondicherry: –

The place is more famous for the kind of culture it offers. The true moto of keeping this beach in the list is because along with the fun of water, it also offers us a wide and beautiful culture.

It has a bit of French culture which can be seen in the building and the structure. Along with that, there are sanctuaries and for the youngsters who love to party, this is the place to go. Pondicherry is a place which offers us a beach and is suitable for all age group. It has fun, knowledge and calmness all together. You cannot miss a place like that.

It also offers you camping and trekking you just need to find the right place to do so. You can surely enjoy the water sports and the very beautiful sunset.

Andaman: –

The name is so obvious to be there in the list of top 5 beaches to visit this summer and the reason is the kind of view it offers. Andaman is surrounded by the Indian ocean and has several very beautiful beaches which you will never forget I your life if you visit them once. The place has a wide variety of species of animals, insects and plants which are rare to be found.

These beaches are so beautiful and offers a few water sports. The best one you should try is some under water diving and witness some very rare under water flora and fauna. You will love the blue sea, green plants and the clear sky there.

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu: –


One of the wonders of nature you can witness in India is this beach. The beach is a true beauty of nature with its tranquil beach and enchanting culture. This place is not just a place to have fun with water, but it is also enriched with heritage and ancient culture.

It is also regarded as the dream world of Tamil art. That’s not enough for its introduction, during the festive seasons, it turns into a true wonderland of light and water.

Goa: –

Goa Beach

Last one in the list of top beaches to visit this summer is Goa. I kept it at the last because this is the name you must have already known and need not much introduction.

The kind of fun you can have in Goa cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. The place is filled with energy that makes old feel young and enjoy. You can enjoy all the water sports along with parties at night. You must visit the place at least once in your life and move there for a while and live the place quite the way it is.

So here ends our list. Hope you found this helpful.

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