Technology has changed the way and functioning of designing industry in the past few decades. However, with such rapid evolution of technology and widespread use of tools and applications in designing industry one thing stayed the same, which is logo designing principles.
Logo designing is one industry that has more trends and developments than any other existing industry. Logos are useful for creating a visual identity of a company or a brand. Not only these small symbols help in making your identity rather it helps in making you stand out from the crowd.
With all these trends and developments, there has been a slight shift in logo designing approaches and methods. With such increased use of smartphone and smart screens, designers are now looking for ways to make a logo look good on the screens of different sizes and types. Designers are now experimenting with different methods and techniques to create a well-composed and best logo design for their clients and customers.
With such speedy digital development and technological evolution, logo designing is becoming a challenge for many designers. It’s hard to keep up with the coming trends and coming up with a unique idea which not only meets the client’s requirements rather it also meets the demands of modern logo designing industry.

Evolution of logo designing:
In this modern age, when logos have become a core part of every business marketing strategy, it has become quite difficult for companies to create a distinct identity. Digital marketing has changed the public perception of the logo—it is now important for every company to come up with a logo that is not only unique in the market, but it also differentiates them from the existing market competition.
However, the basic idea behind logo designing has changed at all. It is still used for the same purpose—the purpose of marketing your brand in an effective yet impressive manner. The major change which occurred in logo designing industry was of designing methodology and approaches.

The early days:
The earliest logo designing approach consists of designing and illustrating logos by hands. With the introduction of computer and the rapid computerization of designing industry resulted in the first ever computerized logo—a bitmap graphic logo.
As the designers started using these tools, newer and better tools and applications were introduced. However, even in this highly-digitized age several designers still prefer the old-traditional hand-drawing technique. In order to be successful in this contemporary age, one should know how to use these tools.

The marketing age:
Before online marketing logos were not regarded as a necessary marketing tool. Marketing and branding were done through radios and TV advertisements, but with such rapid development of online marketing, logo designing started gaining importance in the marketing and business sectors.
With the evolution of logo designing, the marketing and business sectors have evolved with it. The rise in online marketing has brought along some challenges in the logo designing industry. Now a logo doesn’t only have to look good on billboards it has to be visually appealing on all types and sizes of screens.
On the contrary, online marketing has made it easier for brands and companies to connect with their potential customer sand audiences.

The era of changes:
With the change in marketing and designing industries, the preferences of the business organizations and brands have changed too. With the rise in digital marketing, the logo designers are now more concerned and careful about elements and factors which weren’t a common concern in print media.
One of the biggest shift that happened because digital marketing is the adoption of simplicity. The logo designers strive to make easily recognizable logos to keep up with the trend of simplicity.
A quick tip, to compose the best logo design in this modern age, stick to simplicity.

The brand age:
There is no denying that the whole is being branded now. With hundreds and thousands of brands in every industry, the orthodox branding and marketing approach won’t work in this era. In this era, the logo has evolved from being the representative of a company to being the most potent business marketer.
A logo doesn’t only represent the company any longer; a logo is the symbol of trust and quality products. A logo is not just a face of the company; it tells the story of the leading company in a particular industry niche.
The logo designers of this brand age are now using storytelling designing approaches—through which they can not only describe the business strategy instead it also helps the company in defining who they really are.

A post-brand age:
Logo designing has withstood the test and trials of time and is still one of the most crucial aspects of business marketing strategies. In this modernized age, the brands have become and are recognized as the lifestyle choice of people rather than consumer goods providers.

There is no denying that logo designing is becoming an important factor in brand development and brand identity. The faster the technology is changing the designing industry; the higher are the opportunities for creative designers to explore and experiment with their creativity.

Author Bio:
Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer by his profession. He also uses to write his opinions on multiple topics in order to guide people through his experience and also to spread his opinion so that people can share their thoughts. His opinions are open for a public discussion.

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