How to Fix AOL error

Get to Know How You Can fix AOL Error 116 in Your Desktop

AOL is one of the most popular service providers in the USA. it provides many services but sometimes we can get some common issues related to AOL. Error 116 is one of them so today we will discuss why we get this error and how we can fix it.

Why we get AOL Error 116?
We can get this Error for many reasons one of the main reason is the incomplete installation of the Desktop software. Or when the installation is incomplete, or the main files of the software are missing, then you’ll see this error on your computer. Or it can buy the Malware or Spyware attack may cause the error to appear on your screen.

Here are some tips that can help you to solve these kind of errors in Computer:

  • Manual Restore
  • Start your PC/Laptop device.
  • Now login as the administrator to get the access for making changes on the system
  • Now start and navigate all programs, accessories
  • After that go to the system tools.
  • Select the System Restore.
  • Select the closest restore point before which your system was AOL error-free.
  • Now click on “confirm restore” message
  • After the restoring process is finished, restart your laptop.

This will restore to a point when your computer was working properly. You can easily remove this Error by following these steps.

Perform Complete System Scan:
Many times malware issues is a result of AOL error. You can do the full system scan and remove all the malware from your system. You have to Delete all the suspicious files of your system.

Use Windows Repair Tool:
The window has a default tool for fixing all issues you can also fix it by Windows repair tool. Open control panel and search for repair tool and start repair process and after sometimes your system windows automatically detect the issues and remove that are causing problems.

System Restore:
Regular system backup is an important step that you always ignore. System backup is too useful to remove the Error 116 whereas using AOL services. To solve this Error, you are advised to taking regular backup for your system. If you don’t take regular backups then you have to go to the revive system using windows recovery system for regular backups you take, you can use the System Restore points in your computer to revive to the previous iteration where you were not facing the problem. this is the highly advised step to take to fix the problem with AOL services.

Boot in Safe Mode
You can also boot your device in safe mode and check the Error for the safe mode you can follow these steps :

  • Open dialogue box by visiting on Start Menu and type “msconfig” and click on Ok.
  • Now, disable all Microsoft services.
  • At last, restart the computer.

After this, you may not face AOL Error 116 . If, After using these steps you are still unable to fix that Error then don’t get panic. Directly contact AOL Phone Number +1-866-233-6204 which is toll-free.Their services available 24*7

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