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Features That Benefit the Business Sending SMS from Excel Spreadsheet

Bulk SMS benefits business to maintain mobile marketing strategy and uphold trendy online presence to impact the total turnover. Whatever may be your requirement either it is promotional or transactional the SMS campaign impacts your sales depends on multiple issues including uptime, delivery speed, support, security, compliance, campaign customization options, and delivery rate.

Features of sending SMS from excel sheet:

Following are features of promotional and transactional SMS that helps you to strategies for reaching maximum customers to impact sales:

  • Single and bulk text messaging
  • Grouping facilities
  • Import address book from excel sheet
  • Able to integrate SMS solution with your software and also able to
  • Send bulk SMS with customized speed and sender ID directly from excel sheet
  • One click delivery to thousands of customers
  • Send SMS at a specified time through SMS scheduling
  • The speed of bulk SMS can be customized up to 25000 per minute according to your need
  • Availability of personalized sender’s ID with six character capital letter
  • Online address book
  • Online group management
  • No setup cost, no monthly charges, no hidden cost
  • Nationwide delivery to all network
  • MIS report
  • Free chat, email, and telephone support
  • Easy and immediate deployment with an internet connection only
  • Automatically filters NDNC (National Do Not Call) and sends only ethical business SMS in compliance with TRAI regulations
  • Premium high-speed service is available for priority customers such as stock brokers, commodity etc.
  • Long SMS service on request is available for more than 160 characters
  • Available two-way messaging service
  • Both short code and long code services are provided
  • 10 digit virtual number is provided for both way messaging.

Benefits of availing SMS service from excel sheet:

Bulk SMS software is basically a program that enables you to send SMS from excel directly to a large number of customers to communicate important information. The benefits of such SMS marketing are:

Building customer relationship — Messaging important business information to the customers protects your business from diverting your customers by other competitors.

Efficiency — Sending a text message in bulk quantities to all recipients takes a single click of a button. And there will be no flaw in delivery at all.

Improved Securities — The Contents of the texts sent to customers or suppliers are secured in messaging services through excel and not accessible by an unauthorized person.

Marketing — Use of mobile handsets gave substantially increased all over the world. People from remote villages are also connected with this network. As a result, SMS services are increasingly demanded as a marketing tool by all the businessmen to reach the larger section of the people.

Personalization of Messages — Bulk SMS to excel service providers offer personalized messaging in a different region to enable the companies getting in touch with those group of peoples.

Affordability — Bulk SMS services through excel sheet is not beyond your capacity rather it is easy and affordable. The cost depends on the volume of SMS you need to send at a time and the frequencies of sending SMS per month.

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