Best Interior Design Trends of 2019

So, its new year and new trends are introduced for home decor. I am gonna discuss some of them with you guys.

1. Mixing Metals – First trend I am going to discuss is mix metals. This is actually been around from so many years so I am going to talk about it. Mixing metals add both a clean and elegant style to any room. Mixing metal adds depth, guiding the eye from the dominant color’s features to the accent colors.


2. Global Finding – Another way to decorate your beautiful home is collection global things. To find accessories you don’t need to go around the world, there are so many stores local makers and other things made by women and many more you can get. So, having global finds in your home give it an authentic look.
3. Add Linen to Home – Trend that I personally love the most is lines. I love this one, it is such a mesmerizing way and adds an inviting vibe to your space. It is really something that you can use for home decor. I usually use it in bedrooms, halls etc.
The great thing is it doesn’t need to look perfect because it has a comfortable touch Of Creativity.
4. Warm Color Theme – The next trend that I am curious to tell about is warm colors theme. Warm colors adrenaline and breathing rate, raise blood pressure and body temperature, thus making you feel warmer.Stronger the color will be, more it would have a warming effect.


5. Introduce some plants – I love this is a trend because I believe this is a healthy trend to decorate home. The plant can help to look your home beautiful and also good for air and health so don’t afraid to introduce live plans to your home. Go to your local nursery find some plants for decoration.

6. Large Scale Art – Don’t worry if you got a large wall, it can be tricky to decorate them. I say go one size bigger art if it’s a big wall that’s OK, don’t be afraid of large art as it really adds impact to your home. Make sure your arrangement matches your decorating style.


7. Be Crafty – The last but not least is decorating home with crafts. For that, you can add Framed Fabric Display, Painted coasters, Magnetic Memo Board and Tacks and many more things. Add instant style with one of these home decor craft

Add an easy, fun and festive decoration & cherish your beautiful home. Good Luck!

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