Things to Keep In Mind When Traveling Abroad

Abroad Travel Guide: Things You Need to Know

Travelling abroad is a dream of many fellows. When something great like this happens in life, the voice which comes inside is oh “it’s like a dream come true!”.

But this is not where you have to stop. The key of travelling abroad is to prepare yourself prior so you would not face any difficulty when reached there.

Keep in mind that “an informed traveler is a safer traveler”.

So, here are some things you need keep in mind when traveling abroad to make your trip a memorable one without any difficulties.

Read this abroad travel guide before making your next move.

Keep all your documents intact:

When you are in a different country than yours, there can be issues with your identity and legal complications may arise if you fail to show your original documents in such situations.

So, before you start dreaming about beaches and beautiful mountains, keep all your government provided id proof in a small sling bag and carry it with you whenever you step out.

Here are 6 essential documents needed to carry for travelling abroad.


It is must to have your passport for entering into the new country and also for coming back to your native country, as this is the requirment of air travel overseas.

Your passport should be valid for at least six months from the day you plan your trip to abroad. Visit to know the ways how can I apply my passport


Visa is a travel document which will be issued by the country you are thinking to move in. For visa application you should have a valid passport atleast 3 to 6 months old validity. For applying the same you have to pay some visa processing fee. It depends on the country you are visiting and the type of visa you are applying. For visa application process you can visit to your nearby trustworthy consultancy.

Travel insurance

Well, this is not cumpulsory to have a travel insurance with you but you could find yourself out of pocket if something wrong happen there, medical insurance helps to cover your medical costs while in abroad.

Air Ticket

Air ticketing is the essential part when you think to make a move to another country. For that, you have to pay to airline in order to get a ticket. Where you should have all your documents i.e visa, passport, date and time of travel, destination where you want to travel etc.

If you want to know about how to book a airline ticket you can visit some online portals available on internet.

Accommodation proof

A few countries definitely required accomodation proof for onward travel. So once you organise your accomodation it is also essential to carry proof of residential with you.

Foreign Currency

Keeping foreign currency in also crucial part before landing to another country. Usually richer the country is the more expensive will be the exchange process. So, it is advised to go through this process in your homeland only.

Money exchanging process involves:

Buy some foreign currency from your bank.

You can also order cash through a currency conversion website.

You also have an option to use airport currency exchange kiosk ( but keep it as alternate).

Are you concerned about what could be the best option for money exchanging?

Here you go – visit the best currency exchanging websites list.

Medical checklist before going to travel:

In the medical checkup process doctor would have required some patient information, once all the information will be provided the person will go through a standard physical exam as this may be a requirement of some airlines companies to check medical conditions of a candidate.

If you are travelling abroad for employment & residence visas then medical documents required.

“For tourist visa there is no medical test required but some countries warrant physical checkup before the trip only to know how healthy the individual is”.

You can check this list on international health risk map.

Understanding the customs & culture:

It is very important to understand the customs & culture of other country before you decide to travel abroad as it helps people to interact with each other and sharing ideas with each other.

Additionally, Don’t walk around your host culture on eggshells, but at the same time, be aware that you are representing your home country and try your best to be alert of what you say and do.

Do as much research as you can:

No matter what package or which reputed travel agency you are choosing, you must also do your own homework about the destination beforehand, so that you do not fall for any fake promises made by your travel expert.

You must do research about your food preferences, stay location, shopping options, etc. It will be helpful for you to know details of the place, getting access to everything would be better!

Take all-inclusive packages if you are a first-time traveler:

No matter how many times you have traveled in your own country, you may face issues when you travel to a different country. It can be anything related to currency exchange, high rates for foods, extra charges and fees, and other such related issues.

So, it is better to get an all-inclusive package when you are traveling abroad rather than settling for just a one-time meal or without flight packages. It can also save you a few bucks if you do so!

Things you need to avoid before making your trip to abroad

Sharp metal objects:

Avoid carrying sharp objects like metal knives , straight razors and scissors etc. as these are banned on most flights.


Don’t carry food with you as it could get messy and can spoil all the stuff.


If you are wearing jewellery in your body then you are allowed to carry it with you and there is no such limit that how much jewellery you are carrying while your international travel.

To conclude:

Many people think that choosing a good travel agency and trusting them blindly would make their abroad travelling journey a perfect one! Well, at times this may be true but you need to be sure from your side too so that you can avoid any complications in your trip.

We go to abroad for enjoying and to break the monotony of our everyday routine lives or sime dreams in our eyes to be successful. So, we must not make our trips troublesome, rather we should make it enjoyable and a worthy experience.

And for that to happen, taking care of the small detailing is very necessary. Hopefully, the given guide can help you in making your next abroad journey an unforgettable one!

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