8 Advantages of Corporate Video Production

You are living under a rock if you don’t have a corporate video yet. More so, if you don’t realize the advantages of corporate video production that are galore. It is a fun, creative, and most of all smart way to expand your business. So, let’s explore the benefits it holds for your business:

1. Corporate Video Is Shareworthy
A video has more potential of getting shared and hence is viral than images or a blog. If you have a video with share-worthy content in it, chances are people will share your video more than a blog link.
How is sharing your corporate video production beneficial for your company? It gets more spotlight on your brand. This means more comments and discussions about your product will be triggered.
When your video has a message that invokes inspiration in people, they would want to share it with their connections. The survey proves that consumers are more likely to buy something when it is recommended by their peers.

2. It Gets You More Traffic
You may not realize this but a corporate video production can increase your website traffic by twice or thrice.
If you have not included a corporate video on your website, you are not only losing traffic but also potential clients. Everyone knows more traffic means more sales. If you are facing a lull or decrease in your website traffic, corporate video production is the boost you need.
So, getting a corporate video for your business is a great investment.

3. SEO Loves Corporate Videos
Yes, it is true. If your corporate video production has engaging content that your user might be looking for or if the video answers their query in the best way possible, SEO will give a boost to your webpage with the video.
You can cut through the strong competition of SEO rankings and appear at the top of page 1. You may have noticed that Youtube videos have lately been appearing on top of the Search results.
So, you can get the idea of how beneficial corporate video production is for a smart SEO strategy. Use transcriptions and content in text forms in videos to enhance its quality.

4. It Is an Opportunity for Call-To-Action
With the help of well-thought corporate video production house, you can introduce a call-to-action at the end. It could either be to learn more about your product or signing up. Anyway, it is a free lead for you.
Now it is up to you how you convert it. But make sure to include a call-to-action and make it clear for your audience. Include a corporate video on your landing page and wait till you see the magic happening.

5. It Is Creative and Easy on Eyes
Think about it. What would your customers prefer? To read a verbose blog or to watch a video that explains everything effortlessly. The answer is not that difficult. Videos are a powerful source of media.
They have better engagement than any other content. This is because it does not require too much effort from a viewer. It is also a fact that visual media has better retention in people’s mind than anything else. People can absorb the information in a much better way through videos.
There are endless possibilities to make a video production creative and fun. But make sure you incorporate your brand identity into it.

6. Corporate Videos Explain Things Better
One cannot simply overlook this advantage. How do you best explain to your potential customers about your product and its benefits? It is through corporate video production.
Explain your company’s objective to clients and even potential customers through this content. While you may have a time limitation in commercials, a corporate video does it patiently and effectively.
You can use those good 3-5 minutes to grab a viewer’s attention and even convert him into your customer by the end of the video.

7. Corporate Videos Create Brand Awareness
When it comes to brand awareness, corporate video is one of the most powerful techniques. It helps your brand stick to a viewer’s memory with a compelling story.
You can use relatable characters, catchy music, and brand-recalling visuals to be embedded into a viewer’s mind. Provide them with a simulation of your product or service’s experience through your corporate video before they have even bought it.
This way, you will also be able to make sales. And, if brand awareness is among your goals, this is the key.

8. Corporate Videos Give You A High ROI
If you are just focusing on the cost of corporate video production, then you are not thinking straight. Consider the advantages and benefits of having a corporate video for your brand.
It is a one-time investment and you can reap huge benefits out of it. This is why so many companies are already hopping onto the bandwagon and taking advantage of it.

So, if you are still unsure about using your company’s budget for a corporate video, think again. It has great ROI.

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