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3 Silly Mistakes That Affect Email Customer Service Experience

In this customer-oriented era, it is very important for companies to not let customers down whenever support interaction gets initiated. This is so because it would trigger numerous annoying problems that include customer defection, poor brand recognition, and so on.

As far as support channels are concerned, customers have the luxury to avail desired solutions via phone, email, live chat, etc. To maintain the business’s credibility, it is paramount to offer the same level of solutions across all the platforms. Sounds difficult huh? Here, specialised service providers like India call centre come to rescue.

SMEs always give their best while handling the customer service department, however, they often end up spinning their wheels because of lack of experience. Today, we will shed light on 3 major mistakes that prevent the deliverance of email customer service experience:

1. Acting like a machine
Generally, businesses that prefer to handle email support requests on their own often think that solving queries promptly is the way to lift the customer experience levels. However, this isn’t 100% correct. Of course, customers want prompt resolutions as soon as support interaction is initiated, but there is one other factor that also matters for them and it is ‘Personal touch.’

‘Human touch’ is very important from customers’ perspective because whenever they raise a query, they want someone courteous and knowledgeable in order to get assistance. However, in-house support agents usually act as a machine while responding to email support requests, which as a negative consequence, leads to bad brand recognition.

Therefore, if you desire to deliver exceptional email support service whenever customers contact regarding help, start offering personalised solutions. Here are some suggestions to take into account:

  • A short and relevant introduction should be written while responding to email support requests.
  • Customers should be addressed by their name as long as email support interaction goes.
  • Jargons or technical language should be avoided as much as possible.

Apart from this, you can also approach a reputed India call centre and get remarkable customer support services.

2. Not sending media files
Not sending media files’ is one of the silliest mistakes that in-house call centres commit and face unnecessary hassle consequently. This factor shouldn’t be taken lightly because it can really affect the brand image in a negative manner.     

Mostly, customers opt for email support service when they seek elaborate information about products or come across any intricate issue. At this point in time, they want brands to come up with satisfactory resolutions as soon as possible.

But in-house call centres often try to provide resolution by writing long sentences, however, this move never pays off and creates unnecessary problems for customers while understating the received solutions. As a negative result, this leads to poor CX levels.       

Instead of writing out lengthy sentences, sending media files would be an astute decision. In addition, it would prevent unnecessary back-and-forth and save a significant amount of time.

So, if you are running the customer service department on your own, tell your in-house support agents to attach product-related images, short videos, etc. when it comes to solving complex issues.

3. Using canned messages carelessly
Customarily, customers are promised that they would get a response of their sent email support requests within 24 hours. Do you really think that customers would like to wait that much longer? In this day and age, only those businesses can prosper that offer reliable and prompt resolutions at the time of need. This is where the prominence of canned messages multiplies.

By means of automated messages, email support agents can give a response to maximum queries within a short time span. But the blunder that in-house support agents commit is using canned messages carelessly, owing to this, customers feel that they are interacting with an automated machine after reading the received messages. As a negative aftereffect, the hassle of negative WOM takes place and ruins the brand image.

Therefore, if you are operating a business and don’t want to face the negative consequences of email customer service mistakes, take our suggestion into consideration and avail customer care services from a recognised India call centre.

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