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10 Trophy Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Trophies are a great motivational force for people in sports, academy, and corporate world. Organizations are looking for ways to improve productivity, performance, and profit by motivating and inspiring their employees through awarding trophies and other awards in the appraisal programs.

Therefore, trophies become a matter of pride and honor of the accomplishments for recipients. However, some common mistakes in trophy selection, design, and engraving can ruin the charm and glory of trophies in sports and corporate world. To avoid such mishaps, I would like to pinpoint you to ten mistakes in 2019 when you are going to buy trophies Online in the market and distribute to serve the intended purposes.

1 – Avoid Language Mistakes on Trophies & Awards
Trophies and awards are a matter of pride for recipients. They often hand over trophies to others, and people used to examine it carefully. The majority of trophies, awards, medals, and plaques carry a message in the textual form. Some vital data of event, recipients, and award itself engraved on the trophy. The name of the award often embosses on the design. A logo or icon of business also attached with trophies and awards presented by a brand.
It is an adage that wherever the texts, language mistakes are expected. So, if you print or engrave the name of recipients with spelling mistakes, the award becomes the cause of fuss instead of pride for them.
Similarly, grammatical mistakes in the message may carry the wrong meaning and prove a source of controversy in public. If any typo remains in logo or icons of the organization designed on awards considers yours a careless company in the industry.

2 – Avoid Damaged Trophies or Awards
Whether your trophy supplier is careful or not, some manufacturing defects are expected. Same the way, damage may occur during the packing or shipping tasks, and labours may not have reported to higher authority. If you open the shipped package at the last moment and simply handover the trophy or award with damage or broken trophy during the public ceremony, it may cause a big embarrassment for all.

3 – Avoid Buying Cheaper Trophies or Awards with No Warranty/Guarantee
Corporations used to buy trophies or awards in bulk due to the size of the program and big numbers of employees involved in it. Therefore, the managers of the company have tendencies to buy cheaper products and save money to meet budgetary constraints.
Unfortunately, quality always comes at a price, and cheaper products have no longer life than pricy things. Moreover, on cheaper products manufacturers also are not offering warranties or guarantees for a longer period. However, awards come in different styles and materials.
You need to select the best material possible within your budget and try to obtain high-quality products with warranties or guarantees. Prestigious manufacturers always create high quality products and offer a satisfactory warranty or guarantee period on it.

4 – Avoid Giving Trophies Unmatched to Achievements of the Winners
Sometimes purchasing managers have not the idea that which types & quality of trophies is appropriate to the accomplishments of winners. For example, they buy trophies with basketball objects and plan to handover it to the football team.
Similarly, first rank sports events used to distribute metallic trophies in chronological order like gold trophies for 1st place winner, silver for the 2nd, and bronze for the 3rd, position. If you break these standards, it immediately will be criticized in the industry.
If you are giving trophies to employees in an organization, and selecting precious metals as trophy material, it seems insane and proves wastage of your money. You can select crystal, acrylic, and resin like material and customize trophies according to the level of appraisal programs.

5 – Avoid Giving Trophies Directly to the Winners without Any Professional/official Presentation or Ceremony
The motto behind giving awards is to motivate and inspire the participants, be it sports, education institutions, or corporate companies. Therefore, you have to announce awards or trophies publically and hand over those gracefully to the winners. Thus, they can take pride in receiving awards and media can take notice of it.
Invite celebrities or leaders in your locality in an award ceremony and try to keep the presence of media people to highlights of your program in print and digital media. Shoot video or take the photos of key moments of your ceremony and upload on social and other media to do effective marketing.

6 – Take Minimalist Approaches in Design and Engraving of Trophies & Awards
Sometimes complex design creates confusion in the minds of onlookers. So, try to minimize design components by a simple design that can carry the trophy message effectively. Similarly, minimize the texts on awards and go to the point whenever provide data on it like date or year of awards, the name of recipients, and title of the program.
Engraving must be in good fonts and readable size. Use additional plates at the base of perpetual trophies so you can add texts year-after-year.

7 – Take Unbiased Approaches in Distribution of Trophies & Awards
When your organization plan out an appraisal program take care of define merits to qualify the winners and strictly follow the prescribed guidelines. If you mistakenly or intentionally selected wrong candidates, your team will get the wrong message and eventually ruin the entire spirit of the program.

8 – Assure Engraving Needs of Trophies & Awards before the Deal
We know perpetual trophies are repeating every year or occasion. The names and details of new winners need to add on the trophies or awards on each occasion.
Therefore, you have to clarify the charges for engraving services and the addition of plates or bases in the trophies as per needs. Many suppliers offer free engraving services if you provide them details before delivery for one-time trophies. So, read terms and conditions before finalizing the deal.

9 – Check Delivery Services of Trophies & Awards before Buying
Safe, secure, and on-time delivery of awards and trophies are vital for the clients as well as the business itself. Despite the known fact, some suppliers or manufacturers are ending up lapses in it and place the clients in jeopardy, and eventually ruin the reputation of both ends.
Therefore, place an order promptly so the manufacturer or supplier should have enough time for preparation. It is especially true for custom orders where products need to be manufactured as soon as order placed.

10 – Fix Safe & Secure Payment Services of Trophies & Awards before the Purchase
Frauds are rampant on the web. You may lose your money in an insecure payment gateway or method. Therefore, read testimonials, ratings, reviews, and comments regarding your selected online shop before purchasing anything. If you are a bit tech-savvy look at the integration of payment methods and gateways at a tech point of view.
If the website of your trophy supplier leads you to secure payment pages like banks or valid financial institution’s payment page like PayPal, assure that the website never keeps your personal or transaction data on the server, then you are somewhat secure.
SSL certificates and other security badges on the trophy supplier site are giving assurance of safe and secure payments for your orders. Getting invoice and payment receipts is another way to ensure your right payment and give you legal support to claim if any mishap occurs.

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